Workload 2017; not so Zen

Time to teach and learn: turn to face the dawn.


The standards-based – criterion referenced – summative achievement – data collection mania, currently the basis for teachers’ evaluative reports and marks on external assessment engines, is killing the spirit of focused, guided instruction.

What’s needed? An assessment paradigm shift. teacherhead

“The challenge with all these elements of the ‘new paradigm’ – is that they do not produce neatly aligned datasets for leaders to scrutinise on their Management Information Systems.  The devil is all in the detail.  It’s more precise and simultaneously more organic.”

Balancing act: workload and grading. thewingtoheaven

“English teachers: how long does it take you to mark one English Language GCSE paper? Most of the answers were in the range of 10 – 30 minutes. People also pointed out that the time it took to mark mocks varied depending on whether you wrote lengthy comments at the bottom of each script or not.”

Do the math: teachers work unpaid overtime. Times Educational Supplement

“Much of teachers’ excessive workload is as a result of government education policies and initiatives, including the totally out-of-control accountability systems.”

How to tackle workload bandwagon. teacherhead

“Ditch writing subject comments. It’s a massive, massive workload burden with very little gain in terms of learning – alongside all the nonsense of creating ‘meaningful’ comments and the tedious, laborious proof-reading that is required. If you do one overall tutor comment per year and report all subject progress through codes and grades, it cuts workload massively”